The Crew

We are a small team of volunteer professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward being good role models and leaders in the community.

Ricky Sanders

CEO, Director & Donor

Ricky is the founder and funder of Handlebars for Hope. He oversees the attorney relations, the meeting minutes, insurance, donation collection and personally funds many activities. He’s been riding BMX for over 20 years. He’s seen first hand how talented and good people get pulled away from the right path with little encouragement to get back on track. Getting people back into volunteering, learning, digging trails, cleaning parks, riding and offering free bikes to those in need is something that he loves.

Ken Neal

Director & Trail Boss

Ken is a Trail Boss for the San Antonio BMX trails where Handle Bars for Hope is most involved. He also manages the Instagram for Graveyard Trails where you can see his personal volunteer work first-hand. including building, water drainage and tarping the trails. For a few years, Ken stopped riding and stopped following his passion for BMX and MTX. He changed his life. decided he wanted to focus on the positive things and he started riding his bike and building again. He’s been teaching kids how to build and ride BMX bike jumps for over a year and he’s as happy as he has ever been. Bmx is a great way to get back to doing what you love and stay out of trouble.

Cole Hall

Photography and Social Media

Cole’s a rad dude who’s awesome with a camera. He’s starting his own action sports photography passion project called 210bmx. When he’s not filming with his iPhone he’s using fancy camera gear with gyroscopes. He’s been doing it for about 5 years and does it professionally for real estate. He’s the guy that gets all our action shots and videos for this site and our social media.

Jacquie Sanders

Director, Creative and Art

Jacquie does all the art and logos that we use for our flyers, shirts and social media. She even digs. She’s also a pretty awesome wife to Ricky and she does cool things like feed everyone who volunteers too.

Damon Proffitt

Seasonal Trail Boss

Damon manages 5 acres of riding trails and oversees the proper maintenance including building, water drainage and tarping the trails. He has experience building professional bike parts across America and experience working events at XGAMES and MOUNTAIN DEW TOUR.

Want to work with us?

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