2020 Fall Volunteer Work

It’s been a crazy summer and a ton of volunteers came out to personally contribute

  • my guess, $1000 dollars in Tarps, Trash bags, wheel barrows, buckets, watering cans have been donated in the past 4 months
  • Over 20 trash bags have been filled and moved offsite since the last trash / clean up day
  • Over 5 new jumps were built, tons of dirt has been manually moved by the community
  • 3 trails with over 20+ jumps have been maintained and re-tarped
  • There have been around 10 part-time volunteers over the past 4 months
  • New tarp system has been put in place to prevent water damage

After the trail jam the property was left pretty damaged and the trails were left un-tarped and the 100 degree heat and rain left the property in bad shape.

However, if you were to estimate the free / volunteer labor cost to operate and maintain 5 acres I’d guess you have about $15,000 – $20,000 not including another $2,000 in tools and equipment annually.

Pretty amazing, when you consider each person comes out of their own free will to contribute to something they love.

Summer Trail Jam 2020

While business re-opened and coronavirus declined, a group of volunteers put on a local BMX event with around 150 bicycle lovers attending.

Over $1,000 in awards were given to those attending. The volunteers held raffles and shirt sales that collected around $700 to cover costs and expenses. We also got a complete CULT bicycle donated that we will be giving to a kid in need shortly.

The Mayor of Schertz came out and spent some time with the local community to gain an understanding of what we do. We show-cased the community gardens, the up-coming built pro-line and the garbage that we’ve cleaned in the river.

1,000’s of hours of manual labor, digging, building and maintenance gets put into a place like this, so that kids and travelers can have a place to enjoy. No one get’s paid or benefits from this money wise. People are just doing what they love in support for one another, to have a good time. Everyone walked away generally safe with no major accidents or injuries.

Special thanks to

  • Ken – 1,000’s of volunteer hours hours of back breaking work
  • Cole – Hundreds of hours of volunteer hours of back breaking work
  • Jacquie – Community Gardens with the kids, trophies for the events, and designs for the shirts
  • Jose – Hundreds of hours of volunteer work
  • Micheal – Tens of hours of volunteer work, awards and gift donations and money donations to the event
  • Ace in the Hole Painting – Shirts, Bobcat, Chainsaws, you name it , they’ve helped

GraveYard TrailsIn the News

Community Gardens at the Trails

The Story

The community built and planted three community vegetable gardens at the local BMX trails. Riders of all ages and their parents came out and chipped in. Community members donated a bobcat, lumber and garden supplies to make it a reality.

Soon the BMX trails will have tomatoes, asparagus, watermelon, basil, onions and more. Not only is all the community involvement super cool but the trails will look better and taste good. This is another great example that BMX riders can have a positive influence when given a chance.

Nick & Colton

Super excited to say, HandleBarForHope.org hooked up a couple of young riders at the local trails during the dig and trash day. We’re looking forward to seeing more from these riders out at the trails.


Nick was riding a dangerous looking rig out at the trails. We changed that.

Either way he didn’t seem to mind. His forks were bent, his headset was loose, his grips went down his bars, his sprocket was bent, seat tore up and who knows what else. But he keeps riding. So we gifted Nick a complete Fit Series 1 in gold.

Not only did Nick help out during the dig day but he even donated the extra cranks from his complete back to HandleBarsForHope so we can find them a good home to the next shredder. Way to go Nick.


Colton showed up a few weeks ago and just progressed.

He probably needs a whole new bike honestly with the way he rides but for the time being we gifted with some new bars and an Odyssey 7K wheel laced up to a simple hub set-up.

Not only did he help out all week before the dig day but he decided he didn’t need the stem and donated it back to HandleBarsForHope so we can find it a a good home.

BMX’ers clean up their community in San Antonio, Texas

Doing cool things in San Antonio

The public sees the teenagers out late on a weekend yelling “F this” and “F that” as they ride away on their bikes and skateboards. Or they see beer drinking and pot smoking at the skatepark while their 8 year old kid is trying to learn to ride. Don’t get me wrong, there is a deep history of rebelion and partying rooted in riding BMX that pushed the sport forward. Without trespassing, then how would the first BMX’ers ever learned. Skateparks wouldn’t even exist.

But that same stereotype made it so difficult to get public skateparks built. I remember city council saying “Why would we build a place for kids to come do drugs”… to that a Parent said “Why did you build that sports stadium”? That same stereotype makes the public think “Baseball” and “Football” are good kid sports. The bad news, statistically there is no significant evidence that sports membership affect “juvenile delinquency” according to the National Institute Health. Good news, there is evidence that children Volunteering in their community reduce crime and repeat offenders according to the National Institute Health.

Look beyond the stereotype

This weekend, over 30 parents, adults, young adults and kids contributed to cleaning their community and riding their BMX bike. It’s pretty amazing. Ya know, I rarely see traditional athletes getting together to play, teach and clean their community after high school or college.

So what happens when you put a bunch of old and young BMX’ers together in the woods?

1. We filled a dumpster full of dangerous trash that polluted a local creek the kids play in

2. Parents spent time with their kids teaching them how to get involved with cleaning and sports

3.) Volunteers from San Marcos, Houston, Schertz and San Antonio came out to get involved

4.) We fed each other breakfast, lunch and dinner

5.) Parents, Children and Adults maintained decade-old BMX bike trails

5.) Everyone came together to ride, have fun and participate in the sport

The Story of BMX trails in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. That includes BMX trails. Austin, Texas is widely regarded as a BMX Mecca boasting 5 well known spots and numerous local pros. There are somewhere between 15 well known BMX trails spots within Texas alone. Some of them have even been officially recognized by the City and State. The local Graveyard trails nestled just outside of San Antonio, Texas even makes the list.