Summer Trail Jam 2020

While business re-opened and coronavirus declined, a group of volunteers put on a local BMX event with around 150 bicycle lovers attending. Over $1,000 in awards were given to those attending. The volunteers held raffles and shirt sales that collected around $700 to cover costs and expenses. We also got a complete CULT bicycle donatedContinue reading “Summer Trail Jam 2020”

Community Gardens at the Trails

The Story The community built and planted three community vegetable gardens at the local BMX trails. Riders of all ages and their parents came out and chipped in. Community members donated a bobcat, lumber and garden supplies to make it a reality. Soon the BMX trails will have tomatoes, asparagus, watermelon, basil, onions and more.Continue reading “Community Gardens at the Trails”

BMX’ers clean up their community in San Antonio, Texas

Doing cool things in San Antonio The public sees the teenagers out late on a weekend yelling “F this” and “F that” as they ride away on their bikes and skateboards. Or they see beer drinking and pot smoking at the skatepark while their 8 year old kid is trying to learn to ride. Don’tContinue reading “BMX’ers clean up their community in San Antonio, Texas”