2020 Fall Volunteer Work

It’s been a crazy summer and a ton of volunteers came out to personally contribute

  • my guess, $1000 dollars in Tarps, Trash bags, wheel barrows, buckets, watering cans have been donated in the past 4 months
  • Over 20 trash bags have been filled and moved offsite since the last trash / clean up day
  • Over 5 new jumps were built, tons of dirt has been manually moved by the community
  • 3 trails with over 20+ jumps have been maintained and re-tarped
  • There have been around 10 part-time volunteers over the past 4 months
  • New tarp system has been put in place to prevent water damage

After the trail jam the property was left pretty damaged and the trails were left un-tarped and the 100 degree heat and rain left the property in bad shape.

However, if you were to estimate the free / volunteer labor cost to operate and maintain 5 acres I’d guess you have about $15,000 – $20,000 not including another $2,000 in tools and equipment annually.

Pretty amazing, when you consider each person comes out of their own free will to contribute to something they love.

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