Summer Trail Jam 2020

While business re-opened and coronavirus declined, a group of volunteers put on a local BMX event with around 150 bicycle lovers attending.

Over $1,000 in awards were given to those attending. The volunteers held raffles and shirt sales that collected around $700 to cover costs and expenses. We also got a complete CULT bicycle donated that we will be giving to a kid in need shortly.

The Mayor of Schertz came out and spent some time with the local community to gain an understanding of what we do. We show-cased the community gardens, the up-coming built pro-line and the garbage that we’ve cleaned in the river.

1,000’s of hours of manual labor, digging, building and maintenance gets put into a place like this, so that kids and travelers can have a place to enjoy. No one get’s paid or benefits from this money wise. People are just doing what they love in support for one another, to have a good time. Everyone walked away generally safe with no major accidents or injuries.

Special thanks to

  • Ken – 1,000’s of volunteer hours hours of back breaking work
  • Cole – Hundreds of hours of volunteer hours of back breaking work
  • Jacquie – Community Gardens with the kids, trophies for the events, and designs for the shirts
  • Jose – Hundreds of hours of volunteer work
  • Micheal – Tens of hours of volunteer work, awards and gift donations and money donations to the event
  • Ace in the Hole Painting – Shirts, Bobcat, Chainsaws, you name it , they’ve helped

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