Nick & Colton

Super excited to say, hooked up a couple of young riders at the local trails during the dig and trash day. We’re looking forward to seeing more from these riders out at the trails.


Nick was riding a dangerous looking rig out at the trails. We changed that.

Either way he didn’t seem to mind. His forks were bent, his headset was loose, his grips went down his bars, his sprocket was bent, seat tore up and who knows what else. But he keeps riding. So we gifted Nick a complete Fit Series 1 in gold.

Not only did Nick help out during the dig day but he even donated the extra cranks from his complete back to HandleBarsForHope so we can find them a good home to the next shredder. Way to go Nick.


Colton showed up a few weeks ago and just progressed.

He probably needs a whole new bike honestly with the way he rides but for the time being we gifted with some new bars and an Odyssey 7K wheel laced up to a simple hub set-up.

Not only did he help out all week before the dig day but he decided he didn’t need the stem and donated it back to HandleBarsForHope so we can find it a a good home.

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